Volvo's Xbox Advergame Highlights Safety

volvo advergame xbox

"Volvo has commissioned the development of an Xbox game, "Volvo: Drive for Life." Initial run: 100,000 copies. It includes a tour of the Volvo Safety Center and film from actual crash tests. Dealers are being asked to set up Xbox systems in their showrooms and to distribute copies to customers. The players first navigate the course at the proving grounds without using the safety features found in the three Volvos, then try again with the safety features engaged.

The intent is to demonstrate that "Volvo's dedication to safety is not just passive, seat belts and air bags, but what they call active safety features like roll stability control and how they improve the experience of driving," said Kirt Gunn, president of Kirt Gunn & Associates in New York. Gunn, a boutique interactive agency, designed the video game and developed the concept along with Euro RSCG 4D."
-- David Edery, NY Times
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