Student Offer: Advertise Yourself To Ad Agencies

I was looking at the site stats the other day and it turned out that the blog has two major groups of readers - ad agencies and students from porftolio schools (StatCounter does reverse IP lookup for incoming traffic, you can monitor it in the "path" section).

The list of agencies includes JWT, Miller, Ogilvy, Armstrong, Ketchum, Fallon, Global Hue, Organic, Grey, GSD&M, Leo Burnett, W+K, Anomaly, Lessing Flynn, BBDO, Foot Cone & Belding, McCann, Publicis,, Lowe. My impression is that the agency people who read the blog are mostly in planning, strategy, media or client relations.

So here's the offer. If you are a student, you now can get yourself a text ad and a link to your CV or portfolio site that will sit in the top right corner. If you buy the space for an entire month, you will also be featured in the main section of the blog at the time of your choosing, which will put you in some 220 feed readers. I landed a terrific internship last summer - when the traffic was a third of what it is now - by putting my own ad here in pretty much the same way.

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