coffin advertising

Bid on eBay now to receive:

"1) A reasonably sized logo or ad on my metal coffin
2) A personal note or request to God, or whichever spiritual force you believe in. (Note will be placed inside the coffin inside an envelope and sealed by you. NOTICE: No requests for liquor, lottery winnings or good looking children allowed.)

When I make it to HEAVEN, I'll be sure to keep my eye on you and ask Gabriel to ensure that you receive ample rewards. This is probably the best investment you can get: advertising space, promotion, spiritual protection. DISCLAIMER: If I end up going to hell I will do my best to keep you out. NOTICE: I'm guaranteed to die so your investment is guaranteed to return physical, financial and spiritual dividends."
-- via Agenda

An earlier offer to brand a corpse went for $15.50.

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