"The Movies" Game To Boost DIY Machinima Ads

Brace for more DIY ads (or brand-busters) as the machinima technology becomes more accessible.

"Lionhead Studios had released a new game "The Movies" that among other things is a tool that allows video game players to create their own machinima and then export their work and upload it to the Web. Marketers already have started placing ads against machinima. On the streaming video site Heavy.com, for instance, a machinima called "Pimp My Weapon," made from Sony's game "God of War," got six million streams in its first week.

The Lionhead tool, "The Movies," positions the player as a Hollywood studio owner. In addition to the business management aspect of the game, players can shoot their own movies--designing costumes, choosing sets, adding subtitles, and dubbing audio. The finished product can be uploaded to a community site run by Lionhead, sent to friends, or posted online."
-- Media Post

See the game's review and screenshots at Gamespot.

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