TiVo Goes Compatible with video iPod, PSP

Well, this is the biggest news of the day:
"TiVo today announced an enhancement to its current TiVoToGo feature that will allow TiVo subscribers to easily transfer recorded television programming to their Apple iPod or PSP devices" (press release).

If this doesn't save TiVo, what will?

NY Times has more details:
"When it released its TiVoToGo software in February, TiVo said it was compatible with portable video devices made by Creative Technologies, Samsung and other companies - players that have not been a hit with consumers. By extending that capability to the video iPod and the popular Sony PSP, TiVo is tapping into a market that is potentially much bigger.

Owners of the Apple or Sony devices will need to pay TiVo to unlock the portion of the new software that converts videos to the MPEG-4 format used by those players. While TiVo has not yet set the price for the software, similar programs typically cost between $15 and $30, Mr. Denney said. The cost will cover licensing fees and other expenses associated with using the MPEG-4 format, he said."
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