Study: Gamers Ok With Ads

Gamers will generally accept ads in games -- as long as they fit into the gaming experience -- according to a new study by Mediaedge:cia. Gamers are even more accepting of advertising in situations where the ads are seen to enhance the realism in the game, MEC MediaLab's "Playing With Brands" study found. According to Kennish, since the primary goal of gamers is escapism -- the opportunity to participate in an alternate reality -- the primary goal of marketers must be to enhance that escapism.
-- Clickz

"According to "Playing with Brands," a new report commissioned by Telenation and conducted by Mediaedge:cia, in-game advertising is potentially a $185 million market, with room for substantial growth. But most advertisers don’t understand even the basics about where to place in-game ads and why they’re effective."
-- Media Life
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