Wallets, Magic, and Church Advertising

Many of you liked yesterday's story about advertising in forgotten wallets, but it turns out this idea had been in the arsenal of religious marketers (aka proselytizers) long before it was discovered by ad agencies:

"Artfully designed to look like it was dropped by a clumsy Florida Discover Card owner — but wait, the jokes on YOU! This is not a real wallet at all, but a clever, or cheap (you decide), attempt to get you to bend over and pick up a Bible tract." Get yours here.

I speculated about magic and advertising before (here, too), but this is the first time I see magic propaganda kits for sale. Check this one out:

"You receive three of the greatest Gospel Tears ever invented. First... The Ticket to Heaven! Performer folds an unspread normal sheet of newspaper and tells the story of two friends who wanted a pass to Heaven, as he tears the paper. When the paper is opened it is a large cross, and the balance of the paper spells the word Hell!"

Also check out the magnificent Church Marketing Sucks blog.

-- via Advergirl's commenters
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