Hard-to-Open Packages And Brand Experience

image: Consumer Reports

You may have the most wonderful advertising campaign that sells your wares like hot pancakes, but if your customers hurt themselves while trying to pry open the box they just brought home, that probably doesn't make a very good first impression.

Wired runs an article today about how the hard-to-open packaging not only provides a crappy out-of-the-box experience but also leads to injuries. "Anecdotally, emergency room doctors say they're slammed the week after Christmas with such injuries and see them regularly all year. Dr. Christian Arbelaez, a Boston-area ER physician, sees about a case a week, some as serious as tendon and nerve damage that require orthopedic surgeons to repair." The article points to Consumer Reports that recently gave out Oyster Awards to America's most hard-to-open packages.

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