Vitrue to Mediate Consumer-Generated Ads

A new company named Vitrue will attempt to add structure to the chaotic world of consumer-created commercials. In their own words, "ViTrue's Platform is a user created advertising product that enables brands to leverage consumer creativity to produce more relevant and engaging advertisements at a lower cost of production." Media Post says they have already done some work: "In fact, ViTrue has quietly already been doing that behind the scenes for several big marketers, including Sony Pictures, which created a consumer-generated ad campaign for its popular movie, "The Benchwarmers." Today, ViTrue also announced its merger with, an online video sharing site.

They are not the only players in the field. Last September, Wired wrote about Adcandy, a website that solicits advertising ideas and executions and awards the best ones with cash prizes, and then tries to sell the ideas to the respective companies. And then, of course, there is Current TV with its V-Cam program.

The Flip Side of Consumer-Generated Advertising
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