Branded Spacewalks

"Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard hits a golf ball for 'miles and miles' before leaving the Moon 35 years ago this month." Credit: NASA

Pavel Vinogradov, commander of the International Space Station's mission, was slated to hit a golf ball into space during a June 1 spacewalk as part of an agreement between Russia's Federal Space Agency and the Canadian golf equipment firm Element 21 (E21) Golf Co.

"The golf activity is part of Toronto-based Element 21's publicity campaign to commemorate this year's 35th anniversary of astronaut Alan Shepard's Moon golf antics during NASA's Apollo 14 lunar mission. Video from the event will be used in an upcoming commercial, and the golf ball to be hit is packed with transmitters so its flight - expected to last up to three years - can be tracked via Element 21's website.

"Just about every single record for distance in the golf industry will be shattered this fall when an astronaut will hit a golf ball into orbit around the Earth using an E21 golf club," Element 21 said in a statement earlier this month."

The golf shot has been postponed and is "now rescheduled for the next Russian ISS spacewalk, set for November, by Expedition 14 astronauts Michael Lopez-Alegria and Mikhail Tyurin."
-- yahoo

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