Warner Bros To Distribute Movies Via BitTorrent

So, last month we wondered how many studios will dare to distribute their wares through BitTorrent given that streaming them directly would put a strain on Internet infrastructure and will result in horrible bandwidth costs (Financial Times warned about it, YouTube is facing it). Now we know the name of the first studio: Warner Brothers. New York Times (and many others) writes: "Warner Brothers plans to announce today that it will make hundreds of movies and television shows available for purchase over the Internet using BitTorrent software, which is widely used to download movies and other copyrighted material illegally."

Hollywood Reporter: "BitTorrent has been selling video game downloads for more than a year. Hundreds of titles are available, most commonly on a free trial basis before purchase; nearly 10% of those downloads result in a paid transaction. Warner Bros. already distributes via In2Movies, a German-language P2P network selling Warners films and TV shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland."

A question: would it make sense to distribute self-contained movies with an integrated media player that would play some of the content but require a paid license key for the whole thing, as they do with games?

-- via Lost Remote
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