White Paper on Value of Digital Asset Management for Ad Agencies

image: xinet

Account people and money managers at ad agencies will enjoy this whitepaper (pdf) published by Xinet, a maker of workflow and digital asset management systems:

"The most commonly used estimate of the amount of time used to search for a file is three minutes and the searched-for file is not found 40% of the time. The estimate of the number of searches done in a typical year is 2,500 per person. That equates to 15.5 man-days in 200 for searching.

A typical consequence for not having a digital asset readily available is usually a recreation of that asset or additional time spent hunting down acceptable pickup art. One conservative estimate calculates the replacement value of each asset at $400. If art must be redone for the 1,000 or so assets not found (40% of 2,500), and each is nominally valued at $400, the result would be a $400,000 ROI calculation. While this is not a bad starting point to assess your own savings, the truth is that companies with successful DAM system implementations are easily achieving this and more."

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