Imagine Ikea in the White House

I like just about everything about Ikea that's not its furniture (nice mattresses, though), and this timely Embrace Change campaign is no exception (via AdRants).

They think it's funny, but Ikea stuff is likely to end up in the White House for real. Wall Street Journal in today's feature about the upcoming extreme makeover of 1600 Penn Ave: "But for now, you can expect to hear lots of talk about shopping at Ikea and West Elm, at least for the girls' rooms; Mr. Smith is savvy enough to know that it isn't in the Obamas' interests to give the impression that they have launched a bailout for the high-end design industry."

Also, "IKEA has set up a mock Oval Office in the main hall of DC's Union Station complete with Secret Service officers." (-apartment therapy)

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  1. Half of the current young generation in Europe was conceived in Ikea beds. The other half was conceived in other places because their parents could not put their Ikea beds together.

  2. it super cooool:D


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