150 Winning Campaigns

Advertising Next: 150 Winning Campaigns is a new compilation of excellent non-traditional creative by Tom Himpe, whose Advertising is Dead: Long Live Advertising (AdLab's review) went on to become AdLab's bestseller.

In a sense, Advertising Next is an update to Advertising is Dead highlighting the cool ad stuff that has happened in the two years since the first book came out.

Just like the first book, Advertising Next has a fair number of campaigns that have been discussed to death on the ad-blog circuit, and it adds little to what you might already know about them.

Also like the first book, Advertising Next includes its share of international gems that have largely escaped the radar of the American-focused blogs, such as the mobile campaign around sinking a decommissioned F69 off the coast of New Zealand.

Regardless of how much you know about any of the 150 campaigns, Advertising Next is a good book to own. Ad blogs may be skilled at capturing the zeitgeist of today but will hardly be around 10 or 15 years from now. This book, on the other hand, will age well. Put in on the shelf and reach for it in 2020 to smile at the retro wackiness of what today we see as the best creative ideas ad budgets can buy.

Advertising Next
Tom Himpe / Chronicle Books
400 beautifully illustrated pages at about $38 on Amazon
(AdLab received a review copy)


  1. fantastic book! thank you for recommending it, really worth buying


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