iPhone Skin Displays 3D; WSJ Gets Really Excited

This is pretty cool if it works as advertised: "The Wazabee 3DeeShell uniquely depicts 3D content such as games, pictures and videos on the Apple iPhone in an extraordinarily realistic way.The housing contains a lens that eliminates the need for special 3D glasses, while serving as a stylish protective skin at the same time. The lens can easily be removed at any time in order to switch back and forth between normal 2D and spellbinding 3D graphics." Due in a few months. The company also sells 3DeeCamera, an $.99 iPhone app out that combines two pictures into an anaglyph image.

Oh, and something else. WSJ seems really excited by 3D movies, judging by the amount of recent coverage in the paper. Yesterday, it ran a big piece (subscription) on one of its section covers about 3D video tech for home: 3D-ready TVs, Blue-Ray, nVidia glasses and other stuff. Today, it writes about the upcoming football game that will be projected in 3D in selected theaters as part of a Fox Sports test. Last month, 3D tech was a prominent part of the newspaper's special report on the future of home video entertainment.

It's not like this isn't an exciting technology, but why so much enthusiasm for a publication that is not exactly Wired?

Also, if you are interested in how this tech evolves, there's a blog that tracks publications on the subject.

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