Book: Simultaneous Media Usage

I know about BIGresearch from their SIMM studies of simultaneous media consumption, which I quoted before ("30.2% viewers mentally tune out during commercials").  I received an email from them promoting their new book "Media Generations: Media Allocation in a Consumer-Controlled Marketplace", which apparently is based on SIMM findings. I don't know much about the book beyond that, and the abridged text of the email is below.

"Media Generations is a ground breaking book that has been seven years in the making entailing 189,000 interviews with consumers.

By turning the media planning world upside down and starting with consumer-centric holistic media consumption measurements by BIGresearch combined with advanced analytical tools and techniques developed by Martin Block and Don Schultz of the Medill School of Northwestern, a new model has emerged to increase ROI through better allocation.

The new findings provide key and actionable insights into how marketing organizations and their agencies should consider, develop and implement brand communication programs with consumers in, what we define as, the “consumer-controlled marketplace.”


  1. (unrelated to the content which I'm sure is great) Unfortunately the cover design looks like it has been done seven years ago.

  2. It seems I hear more and more about the "consumer-controlled marketplace" recently and I continue to be amazed. I have owned a small ad agency for 25 years and have simply never had the luxury of creating anything BUT consumer-driven marketing, and even if I had, I would have most likely steered the client toward the consumer anyway. My blog is geared toward nothing but helping men understand the woman consumer.

    Am I missing something? What is new about consumer-controlled advertising?

  3. Maybe it means it's a buyers market when it comes to media consumption, since media supply clearly exceeds the demand.


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