Whopper Sacrifice Hacked

There's a line of JavaScript that you can enter into your browser's address bar while at Whopper Sacrifice's Facebook page and get to the coupon claim page without de-friending anyone. The hack is described here in one of the comments. The page screenshot is below.

Update [Jan 13, 2009]: Looks like the hole has been patched up.

Update [Jan 14, 2009] Looks like it's over (due to privacy concerns by Facebook). From 14,230 sacrifices on January 8 to 232,654 a week later.


  1. This hack doesn't work...

  2. It impressive to see the lengths people will go to for a free $3 burger. There is a group on Facebook where people add each other just so that they can 'sacrifice' non-friends, and one guy even put out a Craigslist ad looking for people to friend and then un-friend. The amount of press coverage BK has received from this as is more than worth the few bits of negative publicity that they've received.

    I definitely loved it: http://thefutureofads.com/2009/01/09/burger-king-lets-people-sacrifice-friendships-for-whoppers/

  3. The main hack times out, but check out the one line of javascript in the last (as of today) comment.

  4. Sorry, this comment from Guv'nah got accidentally deleted:"

    @ Ilya - Neither of those JS functions work. Second one redirects to www.whoppersacrifice.com. Think they already fixed the holes in the code.

  5. check out sacrifice now.


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