Yahoo's Widgets On TV Screen "TV Widgets enable popular Internet services and online media to reach viewers with applications specifically tailored to the needs of TV enthusiasts. The integrated Internet experience, powered by the Yahoo!  Widget Engine, will be available in a variety of consumer electronic products, including television sets manufactured by Samsung, Sony, LG Electronics and VIZIO. With TV Widgets, developers can deliver new, interactive experiences to millions of television sets in 2009." 

MySpace is among the first available widgets (news).

There's more TV-Web convergence stuff to come out of CES, so stay tuned. Wall Street Journal had a preview on Monday.

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  1. I thinks its starting to finally sink in, standards or a standard drives adoption amongst developers/designer. By making the TV widgets based on Adobe Flash and Actionscript it allows developers/designer to to utilize their skills across multiple platforms without the dreaded learning down time of a new programming language. Fully integrated web based campaigns can now be realized, from web to mobile to TV to desktop all based on Adobe Flash, Actionscript and AJAX.


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