Advertising in Recession, 2009 Edition

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A pretty presentation from the sales department at The Economist about why marketers should be increasing their budgets during a recession instead of doing otherwise. No arguments we haven't really seen before, but very well laid out.

Perhaps media publishers should get together and put out a deck of generic slides agency folks could use in their own client meetings. Until then, there's this $99 white paper from AdAge.

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  1. The sky's falling!!!
    I'm stopping my AdWords ads.
    Any suggestions on what to do with a windfall of $300 a month?

  2. nice presenattion but kinda stupid. monopistic and consumeristic POV.

  3. A defensive presentation for old-line advertising. There is a way to advertise in a recession AND generate compelling, measurable ROI. Its called Cost-Per-Action (CPA) advertising. Using online affiliate networks and brand-building banners, emails, videos and text, advertisers can reach customers and pay only for those who act. Its simple really. Its the new economics of advertising. Pay for what works. There are several agencies who run these types of campaigns. I happen to work for one of the best.

  4. CPA works well when your audience is READY to take action. But dropping the advertising that gets them ready is short sighted and harmful in the long term.


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