B2B Marketing With Viral Videos: Watch It Shred

SSI Shredding Systems sells really big industrial shredders that destroy everything from pianos to cars.  The company has been putting out videos of its products in action, very much in the style of Will It Blend.  Actually, the first Watch It Shred video on YouTube is dated September 25, 2006, a month before the earliest Blendtec's piece.  Presumably, different audiences, too.

How cool would it be if they had a video of an SSI machine shredding a Blendtec blender?


  1. what a freaking waste!!!
    Recycling's way-way better.

  2. I would imagine that the stuff is being shredded exactly for some sort of recycling. Otherwise, why bother?

  3. We might need one of these, i have 200 hard drives that need to be shredded. Does anyone know a Midlands based company which could collect them as well.

  4. I would love to see one of these in action looking pretty nasty.


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