Interactivity in Movie Theaters

As a part of the new "A Fuller Spectrum of News" campaign, will launch NewsBreaker, a tricked out Break Out game where bricks become RSS news items.

SS+K, the agency behind the campaign, is also "developing a unique multiplayer version of the game to be played inside movie theaters. It is interactive and relies on collective audience participation.

Several theaters in LA, Philly and NY will be equipped with a camera that tracks the motion of the entire audience. Projected on the screen will be a modified version of the NewsBreaker game and a faint mirror image of the audience in the background.

When the audience leans their bodies to the left in their seats, the paddle on the bottom will react with their movement and move to the left. When the ball makes it way towards the right, they will all have to collectively lean to the right to keep the ball in play, and so on. Like NewsBreaker, many of the bricks will have headlines (via RSS) embedded in them, that fall as the bricks are destroyed." (source: email tip)

-- thank you, Sam

Update [Apr 12, 2007]: Our friends at Brand Experience Lab are working on the movie theater part of the project. Stay tuned for pics and video.

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