Creative Crowdsourcing Sites

In addition to the "consumer-generated ads" marketplaces AdLab's covered, there are few others on this conveniently compiled list: "the world's first online marketplace for buying and selling advertising, marketing and design ideas [that has] over 7,000 Creatives in 115 countries offering their work to a growing number of international clients."

Cambrian House is not advertising-specific, but the site's visitors have come up with some very relevant ideas, such as this one about rewarding popular MySpace users for promoting widgets among their friends on per-install or per-click basis (the Tom Sawyer effect).

Bright Idea has some bright advertising ideas. And you wouldn't believe how many Web 2.o idea-generating sites are out there that produce gems like, "the world's first social synonym website." Besides, you can always count on Halfbakery to come up with things like votable adverts.

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