Selling TV Ad Time By Frame

In a plot inspired by the Million Dollar Home Page, is raising money by selling individual frames in a TV ad they are planning to run on the national TV once all inventory is sold out, although, the site warns, "of course we will not be on prime time." Some math from the makers: the video will be 8.5 minutes long, or, at 25 frames per second, 12,750 frames total. Eight frames have been sold as of this post. You can buy more than one frame. If you buy two seconds worth of frames, you'll get to insert you own sound effect. The goal is to raise half-a-million bucks.

It looks like they will need to do some recalculation because NTSC (the American TV format, see wiki) is 30fps. The guy who's put the site together is from Portugal, which, I think, runs on PAL at 25fps. The site also encourages people to buy the frames ASAP since the first 30 seconds are probably the most valuable.

In case you are wondering, a frame in a 30-sec Superbowl ad that this year cost $2.6M is $2,889 (at 30fps, that is).

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