Sim Game Teaches TV Ad Planning

TV Station Manager is an indie game of the simulation / tycoon genre that puts you in the shoes of, surprise, a TV station manager. Wonder if it can be used for training; will run it by the agency's media guys to see how accurate it is. From the game description:

"In this game, you'll take the role of a new manager, just graduated, which is appointed by an almost bankrupt TV Station, hoping that you'll be able to fix the situation and maybe even raise the TV Channel popularity.

The day starts at 5:00 pm and ends at midnight. You don't have to necessarily fill all the slots: by default the TV management will put some minor show/ads, you need to decide only the most important ones.

You'll have to choose which ads to show during a particular show. Some ads are just geared towards a generic audience, so the only important thing will be the attendance, while other ads might require a particular kind of audience, so are more difficult to put. Each ads has also a number of time to be shown, and a deadline."

Wonder if after having played this game with some success and getting the sense of the business constraints, people will be more tolerant of the real TV ads.

-- via gamesetwatch
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