Social Ad Creation at Zooppa

Zooppa, meet Vitrue. Vitrue, meet Zooppa. And AdCandy. And V-Cam. People create ads for participating brands, than rate them, then the author behind the top-rated one gets paid.

While I'm at it, why do "consumer-generated" ads always have to be videos? Consider the amount of effort, skill and resources required to create each of these types of media:

  • Spoken word
  • Written word
  • Drawn images
  • Photography
  • Recorded sound
  • Animation
  • Machinima
  • Recorded video
  • Computer game
I've seen great campaigns that involve photography -- by Nikon and more recently by RedBull, one by Chrysler around machinima, and very few that let people play with sounds (Snakes on the Plane?), but most of the efforts are in videos that require the highest amount of skill and resources and that often produce fairly, well, amateur results. Is this the case of an old agency TV-oriented thinking trying to adapt? How about having your customers design an advergame for you, then?

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