Brand Mascots in Erotic Fantasies

What does it tell you about your brand's popularity and its place in the pop culture if the mascot comes to life in a hard-core porn movie? This is Mr. Clean (aka Mr. Proper in some markets) in a screenshot from a film with Brooke Banner -- a Cinderella story of a girl left to clean the house who falls asleep in the kitchen. In her dream, she is visited by Mr. Clean who, true to the brand slogan, "cleans your house and everything in it". Thankful Brooke asks how she can pay back, and the rest is not suitable for this family-friendly blog. Throughout the clip, Mr. Clean is (ahem) firmly on the brand message. And he's not alone in this erotic dream-space. Here's an older story on Slate about the changes Brawny man has undergone with this quote:
"Is it silly to think that women would buy paper towels based on a fantasy romance with the cartoon hunk on the packaging? Brawny doesn't think so."

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