Offtopic: Staring Into Gaping Void

Adverlab got paired with the Hugh MacLeod's insanely popular Gaping Void (who says Advertising 2.0 doesn't exist) at Joseph Jaffe's (who says it does) March Blogness Voting. It probably sounds defeatist, but yeah, it's an honor. Big thanks for putting this blog on this list, and also on Todd And's Power 150, and CA's 50 Essential Bookmarks. And numerous blogrolls. And RSS feeds.


And if you are looking for something to queue up on Netflix or Blockbuster, check out Idiocracy (wiki, IMDB), a 2006 movie by Mike Judge (Office Space, Beavis and Butt-head) that was released by Fox on only 125 screens and then got dumped to DVD.

If you liked how Minority Report depicted the future of advertising, you'll love it in the Idiocracy's world set 500 years in the future. See Lardbiscuit's spot-on review: "How can you market a film that's all about how viciously horrible and destructive marketing is?" The movie is not big on plot, but the vignettes are priceless: a miles-long Costco that has its own law school on premises, Starbucks that has evolved into a massage parlor (mmm, latte!), branded podium of the US president. Very cool.

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