Rant: Conference Blog Coverage Aggregation

Why aren't conference organizers aggregating blog coverage (and Flickr pics) created by their numerous attendees somewhere on the event website?

Take Virtual Worlds 2007 that just ended in NYC. Must have been another great event that I couldn't go to. Greg Verdino blogs about it, SL Herald, too, and Clickable Culture. Each of them writes about one particular thing that attracted their attention, but together with other bloggers covering the event they paint a fairly good picture.

Put up a sign at the registration desk that says, "Blogger? Please technorati-tag your conference entries with VirtualWorlds2007". Then scoop it up and put it online in a single stream. Prominence and traffic for the bloggers, free content for the conference that will need to attract new attendees next year, convenience for the unlucky ones who couldn't make it.

It's not a rant about this particular event, though; I am yet to see one that does it. If anything, it's a feature request.

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