TiVo Adds Social Features

"Rather than going through the lengthy process of burning and mailing DVDs, or viewing videos on a computer, TiVo gives you a private channel for family and friends to share photos, and videos on their TV set."

Once you have captured the footage, upload it to www.onetruemedia.com/tivo. Starting as low as $3.99 per month, One True Media lets you to share home movies with your choice of TiVo subscribers. You'll also get access to One True Media’s video editing suites to add transitions, titles, and sound effects. Once you have created a home movie at One True Media, you'll receive a personal TiVo channel code. This will enable you to share home movies with family and friends directly on their TiVo Now Playing List. If ever you desired to be head of programming of a TV network, the day is here. Only TiVo gives you a channel of your own to share home movie productions."
-- TiVo

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