WWE Pushed Viewers Online During Ad Breaks

"In an unusual maneuver that one media agency executive described as a dangerous precedent for advertisers, World Wrestling Entertainment has started pushing viewers to its Web site during commercial breaks in "Monday Night Raw" on USA Network.

Rather than halting the event when USA cuts to commercial, WWE shifts its live wrestling coverage to its Web site. Several times throughout each "Raw" telecast, viewers are prompted by graphics and comments from on-air talent to use the commercial breaks to go to WWE's Web site and view "WWE Unlimited," where they'll find an exclusive online feed of continuing "Raw" coverage."
-- TV Week (free pass) via Lost Remote

UPDATE: My friend and co-labman Sam Ford argues that the WWE initiative is actually a good thing for the advertisers because it will at least keep those who would otherwise veer off to bathroom or kitchen during commercial breaks in the same room. It would also keep people busy and less likely to channel-surf, increasing their exposure to commercial messages. Here's Sam's letter to the editor that will run on TV Week early next week.
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