Bloggers Up In Arms Over Forbes Article

Forbes courageously (or idiotically, depending on where you stand) just published an article (article here, password here) that pretty much ruins everyone's prolonged honeymoon with the blogosphere. Verbatim: "Web logs are the prized platform of an online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective." The rest of the article is written in the same entertaining key. What were they thinking? That bloggers don't read magazines? The mob is already up in arms and the torches are burning:

"A fear-mongering, blatantly inaccurate Forbes cover story." - What's Next

"Forbes must be made to pay a reputational price for this in the internet community." -- It Should Be Noted

"There will be much ridicule coming the way of Forbes for this nonsense." -- Gumby Fresh

"What a pile of trash from Forbes Magazine, which uses its cover to go on the attack against bloggers in the new issue." -- Dan Gillmor

"It is probably the worst article ever." -- AmericaBlog

"It comes off as a poorly-reported, slimy attack rank on the entire blogosphere." -- Rex Hammock

"Once again, Wall Street is trying to trample Main Street." -- Psychosy

"I'm guessing your next story will be about the poor quality of the millions of emails you are about to receive." -- You Know What Part

"C'mon, take the gloves off, you pussies!" -- Boing Boing

I say, right on, Forbes. Enough kissing up to the blogger proletariat. Find some copyrighted text that bloggers have lifted from your Web site and threaten to sue their Internet service providers under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Oh, wait, this advice is lifted from your article.

If the author is forced to resign or apologize, it will only prove his point (the way he sees it, anyway). This is going to be so much fun to watch.

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