Agency Offers Glimpse Into Branding Future

"A Marketing agency The Fish Can Sing has produced the first user's guide to Britain’s creative future. CreativeWorld is an illustrated book that brings together some of the best designers, writers and commentators in the UK to imagine a future in which knowledge and creativity drive the British economy."

A snippet:

"Like most of their neighbours, Mr and Mrs Texaco are paid to change their surname to advertise a product The Texacos, like the majority of the country, are in the creative industry. Mr Texaco has several jobs, some of which used to be called hobbies. He has turned his skill as a former graffiti artist into designing T-shirts, and creates at least four slogans every week."
-- via Times (thanks, Regine)

The document also offers country-specific predictions. For Holland, it's drug-enhanced advertising.

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