Place Your Bets: IPTV vs TV-over-IP

Om Malik at
"In the battle for video over broadband, the odds might just be stacked against IPTV, a complex and expensive technology. Instead, the fortunes might be favoring the more simplistic, television over IP.

IPTV is the technology that is being deployed by phone companies either over copper or fiber networks to replicate (and perhaps enhance) a television experience normally available on cable networks. Television over IP, or broadband video, on the other hand is the high quality streaming video, that is made available over the fast pipes, without a set-top box."

The future is in video content streamed to TVs over power grids. Anyway, stay tuned for GigaOm's discussion of Bit Torrent, RSS, and Networked Video Recorders, Google TV, Yahoo’s media efforts and peer 2 peer networks.
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