Commentary: Direct Ads on IPTV Not a Good Idea

John C. Dvorak at
"The problem is that unless you are on a shopping channel, you are rarely shopping when you are watching TV. So the effectiveness of targeted ads on TV has to stink when compared with a special-interest magazine or the Internet. The only real possibility I can see for ITV targeted advertising to be useful is to serve cultural-identity ads. If they determine that you are Hispanic, for example, the McDonald's commercials can be in Spanish with Latino actors. And for this the advertiser pays more. I'm sure once people living in Dallas suddenly get their McDonald's commercial fed to them in Mandarin Chinese because of a computer glitch that sales will skyrocket. Ha. The first ITV trials were done in the 1960s and this is as far as it's gotten. It's pathetic."

The author also talks about how offensive the intrusive ads are. serves pop-up ads.
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