The Potential of CPC Ad Model for Newspapers

Mark Cuban wonders why newspapers haven't tried applying the "cost-per-click" approach to selling ad space in paper editions:

  • Why not allow advertisers to automate the placement of display ads ?
  • Why not just let me upload my pdf or gif file that i want to place as my ad ?
  • Why not include a system generated and monitored URL that can track page views of that URL (the equivalent of a clicked through page)
  • Why not charge me based on the number of page views ?
  • Why not rank positions on the page, just like Search engines do, and make me bid higher to get the better position.
  • Why not let me bid the same way for size of ad? The higher I bid per page view relative to other bidders, and as long as its above the set minimum, why not size and position my ad accordingly ?
  • Why not let me bid differently for different sections of the newspaper. Sports, Entertainment, Section A, B, etc.
The model could also be enhanced to direct traffic to a virtual phone number for the company. Create an extension on the advertisers current phone system, or a unique number that is routed to the company that can be tracked and audited. The advertiser would then pay per call.

-- via Business 2.0 blog
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