Digital Cameras as Video Playback Devices?

digital camera video playback devices
With all the attention to the new video iPod, I am wondering whether anyone has (or, rather, why no one has) considered digital cameras as a portable media device capable of more than just picture-taking? Cameras such as this Kodak EasyShare V530 have video and audio playback, a USB connection, a video-out, expandable (although still meager) memory and a 2.5" color screen. They have a wide and organically growing install base. If the portable video-media devices are designed to be used by the traveling crowd, then these people are already carrying the very same cameras. Is this a form-factor problem? A memory problem? An image thing? After all, some digital cameras are already running Doom. Or am I totally off mark and everybody is already watching the Lost episodes on their Canons and Kodaks? I would really appreciate your thoughts on this and am leaving the comment section wide open.

digital camera plays doom


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