Wearable Displays

"Los Angeles based Nyx clothing is launching a range of customised jackets with built-in flexible display screens that connect to a Palm OS PDA or smartphone such as the Treo or Kyocera, and can display the message of your choice on your clothes.

The illuminated jackets run on three NiMH rechargeable AA batteries and last for 8 hours (Duracells last for twice that long). The current jacket has a 16x16 pixel display screen on the front (7.5cm x 7.5cm) and a 16x32 pixel display screen on the back (15cm x 31cm). The upper limit for wearable displays currently set in software is 100,000 of the larger panels, enough to cover a football field and all the people in the stands."

"Billboards" that walk, talk, and even flirt a little - eleven-inch, flat television screens adorn the fronts of T-shirts worn by winsome women.
-- CS Monitor article
-- Tshirt TV
-- Brand Marketers, the company behind the idea.
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