Digital Billboards: Overview

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1. TOPPAN manufactures and markets segmented electronic paper display modules for use in public signs (more).

2. People at Vodafone claim their's is the only sign in the world that will display your personal message to a friend or loved one. Installed in London, Piccadilly Circus. See live cam of the billboard.

3. Coca-Cola's newly launched billboard in London is three times bigger than the previous Coca-Cola sign on the site, and comes equipped with the resolution of a cinema screen, computer technology, built-in cameras and even an on-board, heat sensitive weather station. The sign will be able to interact with people on the ground, recognising colour and movement in the crowd and will even be able to adopt it's messages according to the weather, with special sensors recognising rain, wind and heat. Watch video footage of the launch.

4. A Hypertag turns static poster sites and marketing displays into interactive ones. Consumers simply point and click their mobile phones at the poster or display which has been tagged to access content.

5. "The YellowArrow creates an interactive forum for people to leave and discover messages pointing out what counts" through unique identification based on mobile text messaging (see an earlier post).

6. Urban Display Network manages a network of outdoor LED screens wirelessly connected to the mainframe for real-time content update.

7. Ford launched a new ad campaign for the Ford Fiesta combining interactive billboards with SMS. Each passer-by can try their hand at winning a Ford Fiesta by sending an SMS with their first name to a short code and indicating the code on the billboard. The billboard then responds to this SMS, displaying a "good luck" message addressed to the person, and sends another SMS with a question that needs to be answered correctly.
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