(Social) Advertising in Video Games

"Velvet-Strike is an online protest modification that players can use to subvert the normally violent Counter-Strike game. Velvet-Strike replaces bullet-ridden body counts with peaceful protests, spray-painted anti-war messages and civil disobedience."

"Massive Incorporated: Creator of the world's first video game advertising network. It dynamically serves advertising across a network of premier video game titles and return measured results on consumer interaction with this brand messaging. "

"Nielsen Entertainment Media announced in April that it was working with Activision, Inc. to develop a tracking technology that would monitor how many in-game advertisements a user encounters and when."

"Advertisers will triple spending on video game ads by 2008. New figures from the Yankee Group claim the U.S. video games industry reaches more than 108 million gamers 13 years of age and older, who will have spent $7.4 billion by the end of the year."
- MediaDailyNews

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