Typology of *blogs

  • Weblog (blog) - a journal available on the web. Caslon and Soggy give good outlines of different type of content found on blogs.
  • Photoblog: something is a photoblog if it has photos, it's on the web, and it is a log of some sort (photoblogs).
  • Moblog: a 'mobile blog' or 'photo journal' comprised of camera phone pictures that are posted direct to the internet from your mobile phone (mobog, textamerica, busythumbs).
  • Audioblog: a service that provides bloggers with the ability to post audio to their blogs from any phone (audblog, audioblogger).
  • Videoblog: the latest add-on allowing to place streaming video on blogs. Not sure how it is better or different from webcams (see discussion on slashdot).
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