Evolution of Shopping Cart

Left: a video cart as initially conceived by VideoCart Inc in 1992.

Middle: Same cart redesigned by Osage Associates: "We went to a touchscreen with higher resolution and a mag-stripe reader to enable personalization/CRM database functions: frequent-shopper programs."

At some point, the company couldn't cope with growth and technical problems (batteries wouldn't be rechared on time) and filed for bankruptcy, changing the name to Klever Marketing and renaming the product to KleverKart or iKart. In mid-2004, Klever Marketing in alliance with Fujitsu demostrated the new and improved product (right).

The iKart features a built-in wireless computer for scanning items and facilitating check-out. "Retailers will be able to use the device to present personalized offers or general product advertising to customers. The cart is also being designed to integrate with Fujitsu's U-Scan self-checkout system, also being demonstrated at Retail Systems."

Other features: system-generated shopping lists based on each individual consumer's prior history of product purchases, a store directory, product locator, nutritional information, seasonal promotions, electronic coupons, news items, recipes and local weather. Customers will be able to order pharmacy and deli items on the device and be alerted when they are ready for pickup.
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