Future: Marketing "To One"

"If a beautiful woman approaches you in a bar, slips a note in your pocket and whispers "Save me" in your ear, there's nothing salacious about it. Call the number to find out her fate, and instead, you'll ring through to a pitch for Majestic, a suspense/thriller game from Electronic Arts. In case you're curious, chivalry still reigns, and about 60 percent of solicited men called the number."
-An older article from ACNielsen on alternative advertising vehicles.

"Provided economic growth can be sustained, ad spending may continue to pick up. How will the money be spent? There are plenty of alternatives to straightforward advertising, including a myriad of marketing and communications services, some of which are called “below-the-line” advertising."
- Economist, June 2004, "Harder hard sell."
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