Advertising Robots

Put the latest achievement in artificial intelligence research to use and employ a chatting bot as your advertising agent. You can put one on your website or run it through an IM program or a chat invironment (such as IRC).

"Service Chat Bots provide some sort of service, whether that be customer service, product sales, site guides, information gathering, survey taking, or something else. These are generally more goal-oriented bots that may try to accomplish something with each chat, whether that be guiding someone through your web site, giving them information, selling items, or gathering information."
--Mondobot (pictured above)

"ALife-SmartBot Suite is a full fledged e-CRM solution It engages customers in the same conversational manner as would a human sales or support person. Throughout the discussion a customer can be guided, as well as consulted; consequently the smart bot can display the appropriate Web page, answer the questions, and even make specific recommendations."
--Artificial Life


"As part of its continuous push to market its AOL Instant Messenger program, America Online is testing a new instant-chat robot that answers questions from AIM users about weather and stocks." -- CNET

"The Chatting AIM Bot is a bot that anyone can send upon their friends, family, co-workers, etc. using AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). The bot uses artificial intelligence to pretend to be a real person, tricking your friends into all kinds of hilarious conversations." - a comprehensive directory of available bots.

AI Research - an artificial intelligence research project that created one of the smarters chat bots to date.

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