Who Needs TV?

"Just 52% of the public in the latest poll say a television set is a necessity -- down 12 percentage points from 2006 and the smallest share to call a TV a necessity since this question was first asked more than 35 years ago."
-- Pew Social & Demographic Trends

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  1. Alexandra Ryan27/4/09 5:26 PM

    It is hard to believe that only 52% of the public think a TV is a necessity. With almost every home in America owning at least one TV, I would like to see people actually try and live without a TV. Personally I do not watch a great deal of TV. I usually watch my shows on Hulu or DVR them. But I think about this Saturday when there was a tornado warning and my TV was vital for information. Televisions have been and in my opinion will always be the main way to communicate crucial information. The Internet is obviously growing and people can obtain news through online newspapers but for immediate information during a crisis it is the TV people still turn to. So I think the other 48% of the public need to rethink their answer.


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