Firefox Plugin Turns Crisis Into Opportunity

In my inbox today: "Leo Burnett Lisbon created a plug-in (a device for the internet) that removes the word 'crisis' from every webpage and replaces it by the word 'opportunity'. This revolutionary digital tool is extremely easy to install, and allows people to replace the most repeated word of the year for the word 'opportunity'.

Don't know about revolutionary (here's me replacing "Twitter" with "madness" with a simple Greasemonkey script), but very cute and brilliant for how it doesn't have this "designed by committee" look.


  1. Great app! I know I'm not alone if they're creating apps to replace the word crisis.

  2. I bet they could make big bucks with companies and politicians. Imagine if there was an app to change every mention of Exxon Valdez Oil Spill to Exxon Valdez Pool Party.

  3. Great post. It wouldn`t take much to program it so you could input what words would be changed. This could make surfing the internet twice as fun.


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