Taco Bell Sign Falls, Kills Woman


More on the question of how coverage of news -- in this case, tragic news -- only tangentially related to a brand influences public perception of that brand.

North Platte Bulletin (4/4/09): "A Chambers Nebraska woman was killed Friday afternoon in North Platte after a 75-foot Taco Bell sign fell on top of the pickup she and her husband were in."

Speaking of tangentially related, here's another angle on brands, news and fans (source):


  1. After Hurricane Ike, I saw a billboard down that had taken out the larger part of a whole apartment building on I-45 in Houston. I should see if I can get the picture of that up. It sure made for an interesting metaphor and blog post though. You can read more about it here-


  2. So sad, Big Billboards are dangerous sometimes specially when inevitable disaster like this happens.

  3. Oh Wow Talk about Dangerous! Thats really sad to hear about how the sign just fell like that!


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