Understanding Behavior Around e-Cards

An interesting, even if slightly dated (2007) data bit from an eMarketer / Marketing Sherpa study: of those people who tried e-cards as a viral strategy, there are many for whom it didn't do anything -- twice as many as those for whom it worked.

The problem, I think, is that most marketers view e-cards simply as a library of static images equipped with a send-to-friend form, kind of like this, without understanding the social protocols around card-sending.

On a related note, did you know that "the average person receives more than 20 cards per year", according to the industry org (yes, there's one for card publishers, too, and an official publication).


  1. Great post. I didn`t realize the average person receives that many cards.

  2. How timely!
    I've just blown a grand on a generic e-cards tool and now you tell us it's not gonna work? :)



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