The Annoying Things of 2008

(Fished out this rant from unpublished drafts and it still felt fresh.)

Cloud. This thing must have been born out of someone's cliparted PowerPoint slide -- you know, the one with two computers and a cloud in the middle that is supposed to mean the 'net. It's become so bad I had to update my browser filter.

Speaking of PowerPoint and annoying: in 2008, boring pretty pictures have finally displaced boring ugly bullet points.

The death of blogging. Suddenly, it became fashionable not to blog. Or at least to hold one's nose while blogging, conspicuously.

Uncalled-for portmanteau words. Another year going strong.

More single-thought books that should have remained articles in the magazines. Or, better, twitter tweets.

Panel discussions. I'm glad I didn't go.


  1. Holy negativity, batman!
    I have to say I do miss the "old days" of blogging, before Facebook and twitter. It was a wired and broken kind of social networking, but it was a lot more literate and professionally useful.

  2. Gotta let the steam out every once in a while.


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