New Words Created Yesterday: 14.7

The English language will hit one million words in about 41 days, during which 617 new words will be created at a speed of one word every 98 minutes, according to the Global Language Monitor (BBC story, via).  Brands and fungi species are not counted.

Also, an average newspaper contains 8000 different words, incidentally as many as the King James Bible. An average person recognizes about 50,000 words.

P.S. I bet the decimal point in the title is because of all those portmanteau words .

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  1. Here is a word i have heard on the Nascar circuit.One of the major commentators of the show Darryl Waltrip during a broadcast buy accident I believe created the word SLIDEWAYS(defined as a car going sideways around the race track usually a sharp corner or after a contact with another car).As Nascar and its many fans do and have used this word.


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