Quote of the Day

"Anyone who knows anything about advertising knows that experiencing a product has far more impact than experiencing an ad."
- Bob Hoffman in The Ad Contrarian eBook (pdf)

I don't agree it's always the case. Ads for Schwepps, for example, are much more fun than the carbonated water they peddle. But there are plenty of other soundbites in that ebook that you can believe in, like the one on the difference between puzzles and mysteries (read it yourself).

Or this one: "As we all know, In American business there is nothing stupider than the people who had the job before we did."


  1. I think you just proved his point. Experiencing the drink has more impact than watching the beautiful ads. Otherwise you would be drinking Schwepps and not just commenting on it as "the carbonated water they peddle".


  2. There was a time in the 1980s when a producer of salt Tata salt went on an advertising spree. The advertisements had lovely jingle. This is one example.
    The other is a whole class of advertisements related to the tourism sector. You will be shown lovely pics of Mombasa but once you are are there if you happened to get malaria which is rampant, those promotional photographs you were shown would be the best experience of Mombasa.


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